Taste the gearbox revolution

Are you ready to enter a new dimension? To revolutionize you biking experience?

With the EFFIGEAR gearboxes, your bike loses a derailleur, but a gearbox integrated into the frame. You can now change gears whatever the conditions, while on the limit or stopped.
You only have one thing in mind: your line and the pleasure of riding.

About us



Ideal for mountain bike applications (DH, enduro), urban commuting (cargo bike, urban bike, bike worker) or travel bike (gravel, bikepacking) and compatible with push-push shifter under the handle or shifter integrated to the brake levers depending on the needs.

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The Valeo Cyclee 

Effigear gearbox integrated with a Valeo 48V electric motor. To bring together the best of both worlds and offer a unique riding experience where the rider no longer has to change gears: the system adapts to his pedalling and does so electronically. Adaptable to all applications.

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A responsible engagement

EFFIGEAR produces products with a high technical nature aimed at your enjoyment, and comfort. They are designed to be durable and evolving after your purchase you will be able to evolve your gearbox at the discretion of the innovations of EFFIGEAR.

EFFIGEAR enrolls in a sustainable development plan. The leitmotiv of the company is to offer equipment that can evolve.

Don’t change your transmission, make it evolve!

A simplified maintenance

The EFFIGEAR gearbox is integrated into a 100% water-tight and protected housing, placed in the center of the bike. There is no need for any maintenance except an oil change every year.

Adapted to all uses

The first EFFIGEAR gearboxes were developed for downhill and enduro, the two toughest disciplines.

Today the Mimic is declinable to gravel, cargo, and to all bike fleet solutions, electric or not.

An economical solution

Choosing the EFFIGEAR gearbox allows, compared to a classic transmission, to save 6 to 7 times the maintenance cost over 5 years. Indeed, the low need for maintenance, the durability of the rear wheel increased by the reduction of unsprung masses, the end of derailleur costs, and the possibility of installing a belt avoids many loads that would otherwise be necessary. The slightly higher initial cost of a gearbox will therefore be quickly recouped (only 3 years at Effigear!).

A product made in France

EFFIGEAR is committed to local development and Made in France. The company is based in the Loire and its production is 100% French. (details of manufacturing sites)

5 year warranty

To enable our customers to drive as smoothly as possible, our gearboxes are guaranteed for 5 years for parts and labour.

MIMIC installation tutorial