The Gearbox is made of three axles :

  • bottom bracket axle ;

  • axle 2 ;

  • axle 3.


The bottom bracket axle turns axle 2 by the first step gear (yellow).

The axle 2 is the gearbox’s “heart”, where is located the patented shifting mechanism. It sets turns the gear selected (2nd line of pinions).

Axle 3 holds the tertiary pinions and outside drive linked to the rear wheel by the CarbonDrive belt or chain.


The gearbox include the freewheel. With 48 engagement points by rotation (7.50°), above the average of 32 engagement point by rotation (11.50°), it give you a more reactive transmission on pedaling.


The Fix Hub on the rear wheel, manufactured by AIVEE, is include on the kit. (135mm wide and 12mm diameter broche)

The 2 hang spokes flanges have the same diameter and are perfectly centered with the rim. The wheel is stronger, stiffer and have an homogeneous comportment.


The hub is a single speed hub without driver which presents two advantages:

  • It is no longer necessary to make small retro pedal for shifting down. A micro stop or a simple release of torque is enough.

  • Weight gain: unsprung masses is reduce for more maniability, stability and a better sensibility of rear suspension.