After 8 years of research, EFFIGEAR's gearbox solves all the problems encountered on a traditional drivetrain. Engineered to endure the abuse of Freeride, Downhill and Enduro, the EFFIGEAR's Gearbox can also be used for other diciplines.


The result is a simple, reliable, compact and light weighted gearbox.


Its strengths:


  • Instant and smooth shifting of gears in any situation.

  • Shifting of gears under load, without pedaling, or even stopped.

  • Reliability of the transmission.

  • Low Maintenance.

  • Low Centralized Mass: unsprung weight is reduced for more stable, manuverable ride, and increased suspension responsiveness.

  • Bottom bracket and swingarm bearings integrated.

  • Drastically increased ground clearance.

  • Free wheel integrated with 48 engagement points per rotation.