Guy help Christophe, a friend, to build his frame DH bike. This one include a angle-set system.

Prototype Effigear 2007
Prototype 2009
Prototype 2010


Christophe challenge Guy: design a gearbox for his DH frame.


First gearbox prototype manufactured on Guy workshop. Allowing to do the first trial of the gears selection mechanism. Inspired from star knob gearbox, the system doesn’t work properly and must be improve.


  • Production of a frame prototype equipped with the gearbox.

  • Improvements and test of different selection system.


  • Design and making of the selection system adapted to a bicycle use. Tested and validated a Sunday morning around 1 o'clock after 16 hours of mounting, and adjusting.

  • First patent registration.


  • Production of 4 2axles gearbox. They have been integrated to a Hot Chili frame, Cannondale Prophet and two home made prototype with belt drive integrated on the rear harm.

  • Prototype are tested on Pilat (local mountain) and stations.​

  • David, young graduated of Bachelor in Mecanical Ingineering and mountain bike passionated, joined Guy on the adventure. On the same time he follow is study on a master of Mecanical of ( at “Arts et Métiers ParisTech”, ex ENSAM).


  • Design and production of a new gearbox with a 3 axle architecture which allows different shape of carter.

  • Production of new frame prototype.

  • Prototype are tested on Pilat (local mountain) and stations.


  • Development and test of a new selection system in order to improve reliability and simplify parts.

  • First use of belt Gates Carbon Drive on prototype.

  • Keep field testing in order to validate the improvement.


  • New patent registration for all the improvement made before.

  • Design and production of 4 prototype: 2 Falcon and 2 Squirrel. First presentation of the gearbox at: « Mondial du VTT des 2 Alpes », « salon du cycle » in Paris and « Roc d'Azur ».

  • Prototype are tested on Pilat (local mountain) and stations

  • Creation of Ingeartec SAS company


  • Creation of the brand name « effigear » for the gearbox.

  • Beginning of industrialization planned commercialization start in 2013. Frame and gearbox manufactured and assembled in France.


  • Presentation of the CAVALERIE Anakin, the enduro équiped by the EFFIGEAR gearbox, at the Roc d'Azur.
  • NICOLAI present the ION 20, the downhill bike équiped by EFFIGEAR gearbox.

Boîte Effigear + Shifter X


  • The trigger shifter control is adapted to the bikes équiped by the EFFIGEAR gearbox.