EFFIGEAR's gearbox has been studied in order to be placed in the central position of the frame and include bottom bracket axle, pinion or sprocket and suspension pivot. The frame design is simplified and the gearbox bring manifold advantages.


The casing can be welded to the frame, it’s the choice made on CAVALERIE bikes.


It can also be screwed to the frame through a fixation interface and include anchoring of latch link or upending frame.


The 3 axle gearbox allows to design several casing shape.


Bottom bracket/out of box pinion pitch may vary between 55 to 102mm.That unrestraint is interesting for big travel bike design (140mm or more).

The rear harm pivot is free and allows to optimize the rear wheel route without being limited by the line chain issue.


The 3rd axle on which is located the output pinion of the box can be coaxial with the bottom bracket axle.


We get a gearbox named “2 axles” in which the secondary transmission pinion turn around the bottom bracket. Overcrowding and weight are reduce.