Is the belt likely to derail ? Does it work in the mud ? What if a pebble gets stuck ?

Our prototypes have been equipped with Carbon Drive belts since 2010 and we have never had a particular problem with a chain. On the contrary, the service life is superior, it is lighter and requires no maintenance. In addition, the yield is better in difficult conditions (rain, mud, dust). For questions about the belt, please visit

Is it heavier than a conventional transmission ?

No, we did a comparison here. It is necessary to take into account all the elements that replace the transmission to compare the masses.

How long is the gearbox guaranteed ? What is the life of the gearbox ?

We guarantee the gearbox 5 years. But that does not mean that it will not last longer, the gearbox will accompany you without problem during these 5 years and surely more!

By way of comparison, a derailleur transmission, when you drive regularly, requires changing chain + chain + cassette every 6 months/1 year. Not to mention the risk that a branch or a stone will tear out your derailleur.

About maintenance ?

The maintenance is simple: a drain after break-in (a few months) then 1 or 2 times a year depending on your use. The replacement of the control cables is done without removing the box.

And the after sales service ?

The parts or subassemblies to be replaced are available. The assembly and disassembly are simple and can be done by you or your retailer.