Sprockets Carbon Gate 9 spline
Sprockets Carbon Gate 9 spline
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Sprockets Carbon Gate 9 spline


The CDX CenterTrack pulleys of the Gates Carbon Drive transmission system.

A specific transmission system for bicycles, the Gates Carbon Drive pulley system is characterized above all by its stability and the low effort required to maintain it. Gates offers rust-resistant, durable stainless steel CDX rear pulleys to provide optimum belt drive performance.

This model is intended for mounting on standard freehub bodies (Shimano HG / 9-Spline).


  • CDX model (high-end version for very high loads and the best performance)
  • practice range: mountain bikes, electric bikes (front, central or rear motor) and touring bikes
  • suitable for mud, sand, snow and ice as well as any type of road
  • central guide groove (CenterTrack)
  • high strength

Technical sheet:

  • system: Gates CDX
  • use: front or rear (front or rear pulley)
  • material: stainless steel
  • accommodation: 9-Spline

Compatibility: standard freehub bodies (Shimano HG / 9-Spline)

A choice:

  • 20 teeth
  • 22 teeth
  • 24 teeth
  • 26 teeth
  • 28 teeth
  • 30 teeth
  • 32 teeth


  • 1 Gates CDX 9-Spline / Singlespeed rear pulley


Spacers for the freewheel body are NOT supplied with it.

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