EFFIGEAR is first and foremost the story of a committed mountain biker, Guy Cavalerie.

EFFIGEAR is also a beautiful story of passion. The passion to be on your bike, to ride, to get off fast and clean.

EFFIGEAR is above all an idea, a concept that germinated in the mind of this rider: "What if we created a gearbox?

After years of full-scale tests and the arrival of David Roumeas to the project, they are ready in 2011 to present their innovation to the cycling world. It will be at the Mountain of Hell (Les 2 Alpes), and the Roc d'Azur (Fréjus). The reception is enthusiastic and leads to the creation of the EFFIGEAR brand.

They then decided to build their own bicycle frames. The name was found: CAVALERIE, named after the founder. A name that recalls horses, their power, their elegance and their unfailing loyalty.

The story...

Today, Guy has stepped away from running the business, and is putting all his experience to work on the image of both brands. David, alongside Vincent Lecornu, commercial director, took over the project in 2019.

David and Vincent chose to set up in Maclas, in the Loire, one of the most beautiful playgrounds in the Massif Central. Maclas is also not far from Saint-Etienne, the historical capital of cycling, and this is perhaps not by chance.

EFFIGEAR also collaborates with major industrial groups to offer their technologies on mountain bikes of course, but also on road bikes, city bikes, cargo bikes or gravel. EFFIGEAR anticipates and is part of tomorrow's mobility, for individuals and professionals alike.

Passion and constant innovation are the real leitmotiv of these pioneers of the made in France gearbox, which will revolutionize the way you ride your bike.


Release of the Mimic

The new EFFIGEAR gearbox is lighter, more compact and compatible with all types of bikes: mountain bikes, gravel, urban, cargo with or without electric assistance


Signature with Valeo

In 2020 Effigear signs with Valeo, the leader in electrification, for the development of the Cyclee. Effigear's gearbox system coupled with Valeo's technology heralds a revolution in the EAB world.


New production workshop

The EFFIGEAR and CAVALERIE workshops are located in Maclas, in the Loire, at the foot of the Pilat tracks, a famous 100% natural riding spot.


1st prototype in electric version

Presentation at Eurobike of the first EFFIGEAR electrically assisted prototype for the automotive brand MUBEA.


EFFIGEAR in the DH World Cup

Benoît Coulange - Team DORVAL AM, French DH champion in 2020 - Started his career on a Nicolai equipped with an EFFIGEAR gearbox


A new shifter

EFFIGEAR adapts the SRAM trigger to its gearbox to satisfy the most demanding users.


The ANAKIN at the Roc d'Azur!

CAVALERIE widens its range and launches into enduro with the presentation of its ANAKIN bike at the Roc d'Azur (Fréjus), accompanied by the ION 20 EFFI from NICOLAI on the DH side.



Creation and registration of the EFFIGEAR and CAVALERIE brands. Start of industrialization: frames and boxes are manufactured and assembled in France.


New patent, new proto!

Filing of a new patent. Design and production of the first bicycle prototypes: the Falcon and Squirrel.

Presentation of the gearbox at the Mondial du VTT (Les 2 Alpes), the Salon du Cycle (Paris) and the Roc d'Azur (Fréjus).


New selection system

Development and testing of the new selection system.

Installation of German Gates Carbon Drive belts on some prototypes.


3-axis gearbox

Design and manufacture of the new gearbox with a three-axis architecture allowing the integration of different casing shapes.



Manufacture of two-axis gearboxes integrated into the frames of the Hot Chili and Cannondale Prophet brands and prototyping of a belt drive in a left-side swingarm. 

David, a young graduate of the IUT Génie Mécanique Productique and passionate about mountain biking, joined Guy in his adventure.


Registration of the first patent

Design and production of the gearbox selection system.

The first ever EFFIGEAR gearbox patent is filed.


First complete bicycle prototype

Production of a prototype frame equipped with the box. Tests are continuing to improve the various selection systems with crossbars.


First tests

First prototype of a bicycle gearbox made in Guy's workshop. Inspired by the crosshead gearbox, the system works but needs to be perfected.


The beginnings

With this experience behind him, Guy CAVALERIE set himself a challenge: to design a gearbox for his DH bike.


The challenge

Guy CAVALERIE helps Christophe, a friend, to build his DH bike. This one integrates a caster angle adjustment system.

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