The EFFIGEAR gearbox works on the same principle as a car gearbox on a much smaller scale. It comes in the form of a small box that attaches to the base of the frame with different sized sprockets inside depending on the gear selected. Unlike a derailleur and its cassette, which are exposed to the weather, mud and dust, the entire mechanism of the gearbox is protected by a housing and permanently lubricated. Contrary to the derailleur, it keeps the same efficiency over time, whatever the riding conditions (rain, mud, snow...) and requires no maintenance (only an annual oil change is recommended).
The gearbox also allows you to change gears at any time: under full load as well as when stopped, something impossible with a derailleur. Moreover, it is located at the bottom and in the center of the frame and no longer on the wheels. This allows a better distribution of the unsprung masses and gives the bike a more efficient and balanced behavior.
Finally, when integrated with Valeo's electric motor, it offers the rider the possibility of having a 100% automatic mode that is impossible with a derailleur system.

The gearbox system is interesting for all mountain bike, gravel, urban bike or cargo bike uses, whether they are electric or not. The integration of a gearbox must be planned from the frame design. It is not possible to integrate a gearbox on a bike that has not been designed for it.However, the Effigear Mimic gearbox is designed to the same standard as other bicycle gearbox manufacturers, so if your frames already have a competing gearbox, you can change it to an Effigear MIMC.

Yes, the Mimic can be adapted to the design of an electric bike whether it is a mountain bike, an urban bike or a cargo bike. You can then couple the box with a motor in the rear hub or on the front wheel. You can also opt for the Smart e-Bike System developed by Effigear and Valeo which integrates a gearbox with a 48V electric motor.

An EFFIGEAR gearbox weighs slightly more than a complete derailleur system, about 400 grams. On the scale of the total weight of the bike and for a mountain bike, mountain bike, urban bike, cargo bike and electric bikes, this differential is negligible compared to the benefits provided by the box. It is moreover largely compensated by a better distribution of the unsprung masses on the bicycle. Indeed, the box is placed at the bottom and in the center of the frame. The unsprung masses are therefore better distributed and this greatly improves the behavior of the bike, making it more balanced and safer.

Compared to a new and perfectly clean derailleur, the efficiency of the gearbox is slightly lower. But a derailleur does not stay 100% clean and efficient for very long. A gearbox assures cyclists of constant efficiency and performance regardless of the conditions of use (mud, rain, dust...) and throughout the life of their bike. To talk about numbers, on the Effigear Mimic, the overall ratio is 469%.


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Effigear gearboxes are compatible with the two most common control systems:

- the trigger shifter for mountain bike, touring and urban applications (electric bike, cargo bike, citybike...)

- the shifter integrated to the brake lever for more sportive applications, gravel or bikepacking.

The Mimic offers 9 gears which, unlike the derailleur system, are all usable and in all circumstances (loaded, stopped...). Their staggering is such that it covers all the needs of the cyclists for mountain bike, cargo, urban or gravel uses. It is also possible to configure them (see below). For more details, you can consult the gear ratio table and our gear ratio calculator here.

An EFFIGEAR box lasts as long as your bike! EFFIGEAR offers products that are "designed to ride and built to last." We carry a five year warranty on all our products.

Yes, you can choose the chainring and sprocket configuration that will best suit the purpose of the bike you want to design. Our technical team is here to help you make the best choices.You can access the configuration chart by clicking here.

Les boîtes Effigear fonctionnent aussi bien avec une chaîne qu’avec une courroie. Le choix sera fait en fonction de l'usage final du vélo et en harmonie avec la conception globale du vélo. Notre équipe technique est à votre disposition pour vous aider et vous orienter dans cette démarche.  

All our products are designed and manufactured in France. Our workshops are located in Maclas, in the Loire region (France).   

Effigear guarantees its products five years parts and labor for any malfunction under normal use of the box (excluding external components) after registration on our site. In case of malfunction, please contact the after-sales service via +33 9 50 68 19 88 or sav@effigear.com.

The warranty covers all damages and complications related to proper use of the gearbox and after registration of the gearbox on our site. The warranty does not cover damage to external components (cable, shifter) or damage caused by violent shocks. The warranty does not apply if the gearbox has been opened: it must not have been opened and still have its sealing label.

The serial number is located on the box, on the frame side. It is also indicated on your warranty card, delivered with the box.

You can find all the technical information of our boxes in detail here.

Contrary to a system with derailleur, the gearboxes do not need any maintenance! The only thing that needs to be done is an oil change every 5,000 km or about a year of use. 

Effigear recommends the use of the oil on sale on our site here.

A bottle of 60 milliliters allows you to make a complete oil change recommended every year. 

Effigear delivers its gearboxes all over the world.

The Original was replaced in 2021 by the Mimic which is more efficient in terms of weight, ratios, size etc. Nevertheless, L'Originale is still available on request for customers with specific applications and the after-sales service is of course still in force on this box.

No, by proposing a completely new gearbox, we have chosen to use the standard mounting system that has become established in the bicycle gearbox market. The two are therefore not compatible. 

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