A revolution...

A bike with an Effigear gearbox?

EFFIGEAR was created from a major innovation in the world of cycling: the gearbox.

But for the founders, technical innovation is only of interest if it brings a new experience to the user, if it puts itself at his service.

Offer a unique driving experience

Using a gearbox means rediscovering the pleasure of riding and only riding. The cyclist no longer has to worry about shifting gears before stopping at a red light in order to get going again or before a difficulty. Whether fully loaded or freewheeling, he can shift gears.

Coupled with the Valeo electric motor, the gearbox can even become 100% automatic via the Valeo Cyclee. In this case, as with a car, the cyclist does not have to worry about anything: the electronics will choose the right gear for him or her according to the pedalling speed, the slope and the grip conditions. 

It is also possible to have a walk assist for use as a cargo bike, for example.

Offering a better balanced bike

The Effigear gearbox is located at the bottom and centre of the frame and gives the bike a more "healthy" and playful behaviour. 

In DH or enduro mountain biking, this improves the efficiency of the rear suspension, which grips the ground better in winding sections or with roots, for example. 

In mountain biking, leisure biking or cargo biking, this architecture reduces the unsprung mass and the bike is more stable.

No need to worry about maintenance

The Effigear gearbox is protected from intrusion and impact by a magnesium housing and its gears are permanently lubricated in an oil bath. 

It requires no special maintenance and only needs to be changed once a year. 

Compared to a conventional derailleur, the total maintenance cost is seven times lower.

Promoting sustainability

Because we have confidence in our products and because we want you to have the same, we guarantee all our products for five years, parts and labour. 

A guarantee of quality and security for you and your customers regarding the durability of the bikes.

Don't worry about the rest! Just have fun and ride.

The little +

Made in France

All our products are designed and manufactured in France, in our workshops in Maclas, in the Loire.

Since 2022, EFFIGEAR has been officially certified "Origine France garantie" for its bicycle gearboxes by the AFNOR group.

It is an official and independent guarantee that our products are indeed made in France and that we do not just assemble them or perform the back-end operation on site.

AFNOR Cert. 995856

Two gearboxes, two to suit your needs".

Valeo Cyclee

Effigear gearbox integrated with a Valeo 48V electric motor. To bring together the best of both worlds and offer a unique riding experience where the cyclist no longer has to change gears: the system adapts to his pedalling. Adaptable to all uses.

Effigear Mimic

Ideal for mountain bike applications (DH, enduro), urban commuting (cargo bikes, urban bikes, velotaf) or travel bikes (gravel and bikepacking) and is compatible with push-push shifters under the handlebars or shifters integrated into the brake levers as required.

Want a taste of the revolution?

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