13 octobre 2021
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Vincent Lecornu interviewed on France 24

Vincent Lecornu interviewed on France 24

Environment and sustainability

Interviewed on the international channel FRANCE 24, Vincent LECORNU, EFFIGEAR's managing director is asked to react to the life cycle of its products:
"This concern is part of our DNA, our gearbox is guaranteed for five years and it has a life span that is very important" he replies, "a classic transmission by derailleur, it is a renewal market, like for printers for example. On the contrary, with a gearbox, you are using a product that you can have repaired, evolve [...] and where almost all the components are recyclable at the end of life."

Since the company's inception, EFFIGEAR products have been "designed to drive and built to last". The gearboxes are guaranteed for five years and each customer can benefit from successive product evolutions.

Manufacturing is 100% French and the company works mainly with local suppliers, from the Rhone Valley or European.

To watch the full interview, go to the France 24 youtube page below:

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