Belt Carbon Gate CDX
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Belt Carbon Gate CDX


Available for pre-sale, delivery in December

The CDX CenterTrack belt, the heart of the Gates Carbon Drive system

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The CDX CenterTrack belt, the heart of the Gates Carbon Drive system, stands out for its high performance, totally stable ride and absolutely low maintenance effort. Goodbye to chains that rattle, squeak or drip oil. And since it does not need to be lubricated with chain grease or oil, there is no longer any need to remove greasy spots.

The modern high-performance belt weighs less than a conventional bicycle chain and has an all-weather polyurethane filament in the strong carbon fibres that can withstand any stretch. Since style is also decisive, there is the belt in black, blue and red.


CDX model (high end version for highest demands and best performance) field of application: mountain bikes, electric bikes (front, middle or rear engine) and touring bikes

Suitable for mud, sand, snow and ice as well as all types of roads high-tech, carbon-fibre reinforced, wear-resistant polyurethane belt (operating temperature: -53°C to +85°C)

Toothing suitable for cycling

Central guide groove (CenterTrack) and side-by-side back high strength

Compatibility :

Gates CDX pulleys

Technical data :

sheet: system: Gates CDX

material: polyurethane, carbon, polyamide

tooth distance: 11 mm

width: 12 mm


108 teeth (belt length 1188 mm)

111 teeth (belt length 1221 mm)

113 teeth (belt length 1243 mm)

115 teeth (belt length 1265 mm)


1 Gates CDX CenterTrack belt The correct belt tension is essential for the proper functioning of the Gates Carbon Drive system.

To determine the belt tension, the tension can be checked by capturing the sound with the Gates Carbon Drive smartphone app (iOS / Android). Please note that this method may be influenced by ambient noise.

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